Some quick facts!
✈️ I was born in Everett, Washington. Home of the largest building (by volume) in the world! 
🛹 I have been skateboarding for 3 quarters of my life or roughly 3 decades. I am still not very good.
🤕 I have had too many injuries to count. Road rash, sprains, broken bones, you name it. See above.
😬 Even before I was skateboarding I was a wild, reckless child, breaking my arm at 2 and leg at 3. 
📷 I have been interested in photography since high school and for several years I was an avid and somewhat accomplished skateboard photographer. I put out my own zine and have been published by others.
🎸 I have been playing music about as long as I have been skateboarding. I play guitar, bass and drums.
💾 I was a big "computer guy", early adopter of the internet and basically I.T. at my high school in the 90s. I began writing HTML and getting into graphic design around then, mostly creating websites for bands.
😻 I love cats. We have 2 right now, brothers Juju and Nimbus, who we believe were feral (rescues).
🥏 Other than that? I am pescatarian, I like art, cartoons, movies, video games, nature and disc golf!
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