The first step was to create several user personas based on initial research. Then, a simple user journey.

Next, I dug deeper into my competitive research and created this audit.

Here is the first user flow for the core function of the app, saving a new high score.

After that I sketched some quick storyboards to sell the idea and began working on low-fidelity wireframes.
I then created digital wireframes and a prototype you can view here. I used this prototype to conduct user testing with 5 people of various ages and genders via Zoom. I gave them 2 simple tasks (saving a new score and sharing that score) and recorded the results. Afterwards we had a short interview and discussed pain points, etc. I collected all of this information and used it to refine my final design.
For the final high fidelity mocks I created simple creative guidelines and a prototype you can view here.
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